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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Median Nerve Entrapment

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Although it is not the only condition that can cause pain, numbness and tingling sensations into the hand it is by far the most common condition that causes these symptoms. In some cases the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be severe and debilitating and in others it can be intermittent and rather mild. However carpal tunnel syndrome will rarely improve on its own without any treatment and it will generally continue to worsen over time if ignored.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome includes tingling, numbness and burning sensations into the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger. A reduction or loss of grip strength can also occur in chronic cases.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway within the wrist where it connects to the hand. It is comprised of four borders, three of which are formed by 8 tiny carpal bones arranged into a horseshoe shape. The fourth border of the carpal tunnel is formed by a ligament that passes across the two ends of the “horseshoe” connecting and supporting that carpal arch of bones. This narrow tunnel is only about the size of your finger. Inside the tunnel there are 10 structures, one large nerve (the median nerve) and nine tendons that connect to the muscles that control finger movements.

With repetitive motions, stress, injuries and other factors, those 8 carpal bones that form the carpal arch (or carpal tunnel) can lose their healthy alignment. When this happens one or more of the carpal bones may become misaligned and move inward toward the contents of the tunnel (i.e. the median nerve and 9 tendons). This misalignment will create pressure on the median nerve which will irritate and inflame the nerve. Eventually this will cause symptoms such as numbness, tingling and pain in the hand.

Surgery for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome carries significant risks and patients should be well informed prior to considering surgery as an option. For years people have been searching for a conservative option to relieve their numbness and other hand symptoms. Unfortunately there has been several different hand braces and exercises designed to attempt to alleviate the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome but few products have actually been designed that provide significant relief.

The good news is that carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated and corrected effectively without the need for surgery. In fact, even if surgery has already been attempted and failed to provide the patient with relief there is an option that is extremely beneficial in the majority of cases. This treatment will actually correct the underlying root cause of the condition.

Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America has trained a small number of selected chiropractors on how to manage and treat patients who are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatment that these doctors provide is very unique and it not something that is available in other chiropractic offices. In fact, Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America doctors will often receive patient referrals from other chiropractors and medical doctors for those patients with significant health problems involving their hands.